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It’s no secret that Chicago is squarely on the map in the lexicon of the national hip-hop conversation. The proliferation of talent in the ‘Go was a central theme in a feature we ran last week, and this week we unpack the sort of ripples that such a movement in Chicago has helped to establish. Midwest cities such Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and St. Louis have long been a breeding ground for underground talent. However, there currently stands a select number of truly talented and unique acts across the breadth of the country’s heartland that are largely pacing music on the national scale and beyond and deserve a fair amount of attention.

Whereas it’s largely been believed that both coasts make or break an artist, the current generation of internet-based artists, free to create on their own, have proven that the center of the map is no slouch when it comes to well-meaning talent. Combine all that with a hustle that comes from living in city’s without label offices or major media outlets and the perfect storm for consistently exciting music and sounds begins to loom. In light of the current movement across the middle of the map, lets take a look at who’s about to blow both in Chicago and it’s neighbors.

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[by Jake Krez, who knows what’s up in the Midwest. You can follow him on Twitter.]


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