10 signs when you should repair your laptop battery

Excessive usage of laptops results in charging the battery more times. This has some adverse effects on the battery life or the laptop’s battery. Over a period of time, a damaged or inadequate battery can reduce the number of hours that your computer can work. Hence, this, in turn, affects the overall performance of your laptops. This created the need for laptop repair for your battery. So, here are a few signs that indicate the need for a laptop repair service for your laptop battery.

Decreases usage time

The first and the most transparent signal indicating the need for laptop repair service at home is the decreased time interval for your battery to run out, and hence you can use your laptop for a lesser time. This means that it becomes quite noticeable when the battery begins to die in very short spans of time, even after completely charging the laptop. When you face such an issue, make sure to call for laptop repair at home.

Power issues

Usually, one fully charged battery can run a computer for almost six hours. However, if you experience otherwise, and the battery is running low every 2-3 hours, then this indicates that your battery needs help. So, call for a professional laptop repair service at home as soon as possible.

Slow charge

Another sign is that your laptop is taking a lifetime to get charged. Slow charging of a laptop battery is an indication of a faulty battery. This problem has two solutions. You can either replace the battery or, before doing that, give your battery to a laptop repair service. You can easily find a laptop repair service by searching for “laptop repair service near me.”


When your battery does an overload of work, it overheats. Although the laptops are designed with an in-built cooling system, too much battery functioning can cause overheating. In such cases, try to unplug the charger and stop using the laptop for some time. However, if it becomes a consistent problem, send your laptop to a laptop repair service.


Nothing can last forever; neither is your laptop. So, another reason for facing battery issues can be the age of your laptop. So, if you have been using the same laptop for over five years, you should consider buying a new laptop now.

System report

Most laptops have in-built features that notify you when your battery needs to be replaced. If you face any of the above problems and are not notified, try to generate a battery report from any software. If it is time to change the battery, send it to your laptop repair service guy to do it instead of you risking opening the laptop and, in turn, causing more damage to it.

Computer freeze

Operating systems usually have the feature of adjusting the performance of your laptop when they are unplugged to conserve battery. However, if all the laptop options are set to a minimum and still you face a computer freeze, you should send your battery for a check-up.


So, this is how you can identify whether your battery needs to be sent to a laptop repair service or not. If you face any of the troubles mentioned above, do not hesitate to call for a laptop repair at home. If you live in a city like Ghaziabad, you can search for laptop repair in Ghaziabad to find the best option for your laptop service.

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