Addicted to Wayne G – (Interview) @hiphopnd sits down w/ Wayne G (@efilafcrazy) as he talks beats, rhymes and collaborations.


How did you get started?
well i got started when I first heard the song till they reminisce over you and the beat and the rhyme collaboration was just so fluid I figured one day I would be clever enough to put words together to format visual art with my vocabulary which lead to me writing a verse that was like 50 bars long but i realized that i had learned enough word to be descriptive then i start writing.

Current Projects
just recently released my latest presentation which is entitled “Addicted to Wayne G” which is all produced by DJ Addiction of Die4productions which is available on the site for $1 as a promotion for the website. Also in the final sessions of #WYBA project with Diar Lansky which is a project in which we collaborated with the producer Anno Domini which will be out this Winter

What do you bring to the Industry?
the truth is all I can bring I am afraid that the music industry has allowed artist to portray people who are non existent in the current model of society I want to be the epitome of reality because those we lead can’t see past the person in front of them so they get misguided I want to say things I mean, like “niggas dying” so i want to bring organic authenticity to the music world and stand behind it

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In Five years I see myself still writing music and being creative as it pertains to commercial success that depends on how much money it cost me to get my records played.

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