Epic stories of stripping, prostitution and murder on Twitter. Turns Zola the Stripper  @_zolarmoon into a household name, Celebrities chime in.


A Detroit woman has become Internet royalty after she shared an epic story of stripping, prostitution and murder on Twitter. The woman, Aziah King aka Zola the Stripper, was working at a Hooters in Michigan when she met “White Bitch Jessica.” The two then embarked on an epic journey to Florida where the two tried stripping, hooking and everything else. Twitter has gone crazy for the story but not only that, but Hollywood’s executives are reportedly preparing to make offers for Zola’s story. Meanwhile, her cohort, Jessica, says the story is a lie, though some bits are true.

On October 27, Zola, real name Aziah King posted a story to Twitter about how one night while she was working at Hooters in Michigan she met Jessica. She said that after the meeting, Zola followed Jessica to Florida to strip. From there, they were joined by Jessica’s boyfriend, Jarrett, who was suicidal, and attempted to kill himself during their time in the Sunshine state. Eventually, low on cash, Zola resorted to pimping Jessica out while also working with pimp named Z, who was wanted on murder and kidnapping allegations.

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