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Traditional varieties of investment include stocks, bond and funds.
These investment option is mostly utilised by people because they are proved to be good. The investment options apart from these three fliers and business cards of investing these are known as Alternative investments. Some investment options aside from the fliers and business cards include real estate, commodities including precious metals like Gold, Silver etc., hedge funds, FOREX and online trading etc.

Many investment types other than the original ones have high initial investments and fees. So a lot of people would generally invest in fliers and other modes. But some alternate types of investment provide high returns in comparison to traditional ones.
FOREX, stock trading online is a method in which currencies of countries are traded against the other. FOREX may be the acronym for Foreign Exchange. An example for FOREX trading might be considered by subtracting currencies Dollar and Euro as examples. FOREX trading can be done when you purchase a Euro and selling a Dollar at the same time.

This process is termed in investment terms as going long for the EUR/USD.FOREX trades are generally done with the assistance of brokers or market makers. To begin with trading, an individual should first go with a currency pair then should contact the brokers or market makers to position their trade.
Online trading with this FOREX is easy and easy process. Once an order is positioned online the broker passes an order to his partner within the interbank target fill his client’s position. When the trading gets over, the broker closes the position on the interbank market and credits or debits his client’s account with the money determined by profit or loss.

With the help of online trading the complete process may be completed in a few minutes. So it gives an chance for people in addition to brokers to earn lots of money in a short duration.
Foreign exchange dealers association of India FEDAI was positioned in 1956 to manage and help FOREX trading in India. It does the function of framing rules for FOREX business in India in association with a lot of lenders and Reserve bank of India. It provides accreditation for FOREX brokers, provides working out for bank employees in FOREX business, announces daily currency rates for the member banks etc.

According to Foreign Exchange Management Act issued by Reserve Bank of India, Indian residents are certainly not in a position to trade Foreign Exchange in domestic or international markets. free btc of India are merely allowed to trade in currency futures and options contracts traded in Stock exchanges.
Only fourteen important currencies are largely traded inside the world the Dollar being the most traded. Unlike stock investing, currency trading is completed a day as well as for five days within the week. So FOREX trading online is a lucrative means for Alternative Investments.

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