(Interview) “GOD OF THE CITY” @HIPHOPND sits down W/ Quise Picasso (@qpicasso) as he talks “HOOD FAME DVD” and his highly anticipated album, ‘IMAGE OF GOD”


How did you get started?

It all started in 96 the day after 2Pac died. I had to be like 12, chilling outside with a few homie on the porch, ya know? While we kickin’ some dude pull up on the block bangin’ ‘All Eyez On Me’. I remember jumping out of his whip saying, “Which one of ya’ll lil niggas can rap like this? These is the coldest nigga ever. I give you $20 if you could rap like this.” Man, I didn’t know much about rapping but I wanted that 20. {Laughs} Shit, I just started spitting. To me, it was garbage but dude gave me the $20 and took me to the studio. From there it was over. Guess he saw I had potential.

Current Projects

I’m working on 2 projects at this moment. I’m working on an EP called ‘Frank Costello’. Something to let my fans here before I drop the big project, my album, ‘Image Of God’. I plan on destroy everything in my way with these project. Whether is major or ND, niggaz gon’ fear me….

What do you bring to the Industry?

I feel like I bring the real back. A lot niggas say they spit real shit but there is no one who can vouch for their shit. When I spit, it got to be about shit I live. Everybody’s a trapper nowadays. That’s all you hear in these songs. I mean I sold nicks and dimes but I don’t rap about that shit because I didn’t do it for long. I think that’s what the industry is missing, that real music. That music, when you hear it, you know that artist is telling you the truth. That shit you can really feel and relate too.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself owning the biggest distribution label in the Midwest, if not the world. That’s what the Midwest is truly missing but Ima change that. Watch!

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