(Interview) @HIPHOPND sits down W/ Rob Stashiz (@RobStashiz) As he talks, Growing up in the 90’s, The return of feel good music and his latest mixtapes.


How did you get started?

I got started doing music in the late 80’s early 90’s as a preteen from growing up watching my Mom & Dad singing in groups with local live bands. I would mess around with the band instruments on their off time & also hang out with my older Uncles who were listening to Hip-Hop music from Kurtis Blow, Soul Sonic Force, Run-DMC, LL Cool J, & everyone in those early eras. As I grew older my Mom brought me my 1st radio & every Sunday in Philly I would listen to LADY B & have cassette tapes ready to record all the newest music I could fit on those 60 & 90min tapes & try to recite or write the lyrics to certain songs that stood out to me. By the time I was out of elementary school entering junior high I was your average B-Boy from Break-Dancing to Rap Battling to how to dress wit style in name brands & learning how to talk the latest street slang.

Current Projects

My current projects right now are 2 mixtapes on Datpiff where you can download for free. The 1st one is titled “PLAYOFF SEASON” which is hosted by ATL’s finest Dj ButterRock & the 2nd one is ”Road To Perdition” which is hosted by Phillys own Dj NoPhrillz. I’ve been releasing singles thru the months where you can find on Itunes, Amzon, Google Play, & all other online retailers. I’m working more on my brand now trying to just build my buzz up & keep my work ethic consistent for the fans reaching every level possible to share this gift I was given to the world.

What do you bring to the Industry?

I’m bringing back to the industry the feel good music, the lyricism, the good concepts and most important substance. I rap for the survivors with No Hope in life who need that voice to tell them keep pushing for achievements being as though I AM a Survivor of Cancer(Lymphoma) since my teenage years. I love to tell my stories from my pain, my failures, my laughter to my progress which I feel all aspects are encouragement for everyone who hears what I bring to the upfront. Its time to restore what Philly Artist really bring besides just battle & beef because my city has the most talent out here.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to still wake up living first, by the graces of the man above & having major successful endeavors such as my own business, still releasing great music, making sure my wife & kids are on the right path having their own goals accomplished & helping out the young youth all around the globe. I could see me using my platform to motivate any & everyone who comes in contact with the boy Rob Stashiz. I just want to touch the Sky one time & exhale knowing God has me here for a reason running with the greats being known as the Black Frank Sinatra saying ”I DID IT MY WAY” over looking those clear blue waters. I Am & Will Be The Motivation For All. Salute!


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