Flowers In The Attic – (Interview) @hiphopnd sits down w/ Bodybag Dutch (@bodybagdutch) as he talks about his biggest influences and his current project.


How did you get started?
On my toilet listening to Biggie…. sounds crazy but Biggie and Jay z were my biggest influences what started as a hobby for a 600lbs 12 year old became my very means for existence. I never was able to fit in not at home or in school music made me popular I didn’t get picked for the basket ball team I got chosen for the cyphers one of us beating on the lunch room table whole the other went in! ODB, Dre, NWA, Cube, Public Enemy these guys showed me a world full of limitless possibilities and I took it from there. Kidney failure pushed me to take it to the next level I’m on dialysis now but I don’t let that stop me, you see that’s the motivation factor, to disable disabled to motive our youth and show them anything is possible.

Current Projects
Currently “Flowers In The Attic” is my latest project F.I.T.A.2 is done and awaiting release I’m just lining up the videos and promo campaign for it this will be a 3 mixtape series just like my last project The Awakening, I like to deliver my life to the audience I feel that’s important

What do you bring to the Industry?
An Early 90s feel and a vulnerability that comes with being transparent with your fans I’m a dialysis patient and I’m okay with that, I talk about the challenges I face and how I don’t let them defeat me, then there’s that other side if me who is like anyone else growing up in the south Bronx that raw gutter appeal, that trap boom bap! You can only find in the X I’ve won some I’ve lost some but I’m alive to tell my story and that’s what it’s all about

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I plan on having a distribution deal with a major label as well as moving into Hollywood with my scripts and screen plays giving back to people who are sick and who need to be motivated really just building the overall brand and venturing with companies that can help build the legacy I plan on leaving behind. Yes it sounds far fetched but so did losing 400 lbs and continuing to push this music, I’ve flat lined 3 times in my life and I’m still here, so far so good!

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