(Interview) WORLD WIDE W/ BLOW FLYY – @blow_flyy @hiphopnd


How did you get started?

I started in high school doing(writing) poetry

Current Projects?
| ‪MY ‬ “NEW” PROJECT NOW ON TIDAL, “WORLD WIDE” “so check it out all” and let us know what you all think. thanks, from “THE BLOW_FLYY TEAM” http://listen.tidal.com/track/54069964


What do you bring to the Industry?

I have a different style of writing hip hop i don’t rhyme or do i necessarily use hooks, I tell stories that are real they are not made up they are about my own live what goes on in it and what i see in the world that goes on around me and how i feel about a certain subject or situation, for me its all about writing stories not just hooks, saying it over and over again with a good beat.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 year I see my self and my BLOW_FLYY Team after and while making $$money off of my music branch off and exercise the ideas i have now that I will along with my Team have the money to do so.



Checkout Blow Flyy Latest Track Below on Soundcloud:

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Website: https://www.bandpage.com/blowflyy1



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