How did you get started?
I’ve been creating & writing music since i was 10 years old. From the cordless computer mics to Professionals studios all over New York City. I realized music was my passion at a young age. From playing the piano to writing Diss tracks against my friends, Music has always been my career choice even while playing football in high school & college. I always told Myself “Music is what i would be doing Broke or Rich” #IAMYOUNGFLYE

Current Projects:

Right now i just released My single ” I Need Money”. I put together this project knowing that money is a big value to New Yorkers. I wanted to shed light on the less fortunate and show what its like for someone whose been down on there luck and left on the streets. I shot the video in (East Harlem 125 Street Dir x Rickstarr Ferragamo) Disguising myself as Homeless. You Can See the video today on YouTube & is available for download on iTunes right now!!! Go Check It Out !!! #IAMYOUNGFLYE

What do you bring to the Industry?

what i can bring to the industry, ? I Put out genuine music, Concepts and Music everyone can relate to. Your Fans love to hear what an artist is going through and want to hear them make music from the heart. Longevity is important to my career knowing that one day i may not be as hot as i was when i first started so i will continue to remain humble and put out the best music i can make. #IAMYOUNGFLYE

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Realistically, i see my self at the top of my craft. Touring around the world reaching higher measures with my music. Music is my passion in every way, the best parts of my day is when i’m in the studio writing, creating and putting together amazing material for my supporters. I continuously work to be the best artist i know how to be and continue to invest in my talents knowing that maybe in the next 5 years i could be one of the best artist to come out of the Bronx!! #IAMYOUNGFLYE

Twitter: iamyoungflye3
Intagram: Iamyoungflye

Facebook: Iamyoungflye





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