Lil Mouse Releases Second Slim Jesus Diss Record, “Nail Em To The Cross”


Slim Jesus the focus of yet another diss record with the release of Lil Mouse’s “Nail Em To The Cross.”
Weeks after Chicago, Illinois rapper Lil Mouse let loose his Slim Jesus diss track, “Kill Time,” he’s issued yet another diss record aimed at the “Drill Time” creator.
The latest diss, titled “Nail Em To The Cross,” starts off with Lil Mouse declaring, “Fuck that little white boy that think I’m racist.”
From there, Lil Mouse raps, “Say he cold til I touch him with the heater / I’m in that Ford going faster than a cheetah.”
“Nail Em To The Cross” comes roughly one week after another Chicago artist, Ayoo KD released his own Slim Jesus diss record. On the song, Ayoo KD called out Slim for being a fake drug rapper and a “fake ass Slim Shady.”
Slim Jesus recently fired back at his critics and drill rappers in particular with a new freestyle titled, “Straight Off The iPhone.”
On “Straight Off The iPhone,” Slim even hints at releasing a “Drill Time 2” due to the amount of attention “Drill Time” received.
“Drill Time done blew up, I’ma have to make a part 2 / Part 1 got all these rappers mad ’cause all you bitches is fufu,” Slim Jesus raps during the freestyle.
Check out Slimm Jesus “Straight off the IPhone” below:



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