How did you get started?

I started rapping when I was in high school. Myself, older brother, and stepbrother made a song together, and from that moment on I became drawn to making music. Recently, I made a song for my dad with the help of my stepbrother, and while making the song I watched him as he put the song together. Additionally, my older brother talked me into taking music seriously. After watching my stepbrother put the song together, I decided to make a song on my own, so I made my first song on my phone using an app in my basement, which led me to make my first mixtape called "Life Goes On", which is now on SoundCloud and DatPiff. One of the songs on the mixtape, "Welcome To Columbus, Ga", was featured on Coast 2 Coast Hottest In The State: Georgia Vol. 11 and DJ Young Cee's Record Labels Need Me Vol. 88. From there I created my own label and brand called Selldretti Music Group, which I later took the initials of the name and created a group called SMG. The group include artists Camo Don, R&B artist K'Lauren, B-Hernz, Jay4Real, DJ Kin, and Sharheem.

Current Projects

Myself and my group are currently working on our first group album called "The Move" set to release on ITunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon May 18th. I am also working on my next mixtape called "Back To The Boom". The release date is be revealed at a later date.

What do you bring to the Industry?

I acquire various characteristics such as hunger, ambition, determination, motivation, loyalty, work ethic, humbleness, professionalism and independence. I realize that nothing in this industry or this world will be handed to me, so everything I do will be earned. I understand that this is not only a hobby but it's also a business, and it is imperative that I am professional with my group, work, and working with other artists or institutions. I am confident in myself, and I work as if I am striving to be the best, but I am also humbled. I am always welcomed to criticism and will always work on developing my craft as an artist and a businessman. Lastly, I value my independence. I am very loyal to my group and my brand, and I believe in building a legacy of my own that has potential to influence the people around me in a positive way. With God first, I am confident that I have the potential to change lives and positively influence the industry through my music and character.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself conintuing to make music and making a positive impact on the industry. My fanbase will be on a higher capacity, and from a financial perspective, I will be able to provide more money towards promotion, equipment and services in order to receive more exposure. Personally, I see myself happily married with a family.

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