The world’s most user-friendly web hosting service for new business owners 

WordPress is the most user-friendly, worldwide web hosting service for new business owners who need to create websites while having no technical knowledge. While working with KnownHost, you can create a blog or website and run it within just a few minutes. The best aspect of WordPress hosting is that it does not need you to have any kind of technical expertise. 

How to get started with WordPress hosting? 

Getting started with WordPress hosting is as easy as proverbially falling off a log. To help you save your time in advance of the venture you are going to start, it is important to let you know that you just need the following two things to go. Here they are:

  1. Domain Name 
  2. A web hosting account 

How to install WordPress? A picture containing text Description automatically generated

Installing WordPress does not cost you anything as it is free of cost. The above WordPress hosting provider (KnownHost) is there to help you do this without any problems. Even though you can upload from the official WordPress website, however, it is advisable to seek assistance from KnownHost so that you can accomplish this venture quicker, simpler, and surer than ever before. 

Important facts about the dashboard 

And now that you have learned to get started with the process from meeting advanced requirements to installing WordPress, it is time to learn some basic things about the dashboard you come across. It is great to let you know that you will find numerous features in your Admin dashboard to help you manage things easily and intuitively. 

As a beginner even without any technical or code-related knowledge, you will be able to manage things like creating posts, publishing them, creating pages, and give headings to the site, and so on. Once you are done, you can have your site SEO optimized to make it easily searchable to your target audience. 

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