Best Cloud Servers in India

If you are on this page then definitely you want to learn about cloud hosting. In this article, we will talk about cloud hosting and the best cloud hosting India, benefit, and their types to make you understand the word cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting is just a virtual server, not a physical server running in an environment of cloud computing. It is created, hosted, and delivered through a cloud computing platform.

You can call them virtual servers.

A cloud server is like a hosting in which your data will move from one set of system to another set of the system if you face any problem in your server then your data will move to another server.


The cloud server provides the stability and security. Another cloud server can’t affect your cloud server and nor your cloud server can affect another cloud server. If you are facing any software problem then is from your hand.

  1. The Cloud server is safe, fast, and stable. you will not face any hardware issues in the cloud server.
  2. In the cloud server, you will get a faster service than the physical server. The cloud server works faster than the physical server.
  3. Cloud servers are more affordable than physical servers as they provide more scalability.


There are two types of cloud hosting

  1. Public cloud server
  2. Private cloud server


The public cloud server is a server that is shared among multiple customers. Public cloud includes services like Iaas, SaaS, Paas. like other cloud services this cloud service also runs on a remote that will be managed by providers.

The Public cloud server is like shared hosting where users share their server and resources. But here you don’t share the resources, here you are just sharing the cloud.

No bad neighbor effect will be shown here if you are getting any problem then that will be a fault on your side.


The private cloud server is a server like VPS or a Dedicated server, here you will not share the server with anyone.

This private server is totally different from any other web hosting services because in a cloud server when your data is in trouble than at that span of time your data will change the cloud and in this private cloud server your one server will have so many clouds and if your one cloud of that server is damage then your data will move to a different cloud.

HostingRaja Plans for Cloud Hosting

HostingRaja is the company of India that provides good features in good amount let’s have a look at their features: –

  1. HostingerRaja is providing the best cloud solution for a good amount of money. This helps the users to focus on their business to grow.
  2. They provide the latest technology of hardware and software some of them are, apache tomcat server, Inbuilt Admin panel, multi PHP version, Inbuild secure File Upload modules, Inbuilt client panel, etc.
  3. They promise to save your time on set-up and installing. Because the technology of their cloud is very fast as compared to any other technology.
  4. Their cloud solution is fully automatic you don’t have to hire a team for management you just have to contact their support team and they will help you.


This discussion was about cloud hosting I hope you like this article. We have discussed their types also now according to us you are clear with the thing related to the cloud hosting.

Even after reading this article on cloud hosting, you face any problem then you should leave a comment below and ask your question we will feel very free to answer you.

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