Book printing factory – the process of printing

Books hold a lot of importance in our lives. They are the instrument which gives us the theoretical knowledge required to do any job or just to gain our knowledge. But have you ever thought where these books are made and how these books are made? The place where all these books are manufactures is known as a book printing factory [โรงพิมพ์หนังสือ, which are the term in Thai].

There are numerous factories all around the world producing millions of books every day. In this post, let us learn how books are made.

The book printing factories complete the processes of printing books and editing them. They perform various processes to publish just one book. Those processes are-

  • Typesetting –

The first task is to set the required font and size. If the manuscript is handwritten, then it needs to type in a computer and then adjust the particular fonts and colors according to the requirements. After typing and the adjustments, the grammatical mistakes are checked or any typing mistake. Pictures are added if it is the demand of the client company.

  • Pages and mechanical –

After the basic adjustments a layout is set in which the book will be printed. Some companies ignore or skip this stage the complete the process early, but it is very important to check the type of layout.

  • Blueprint –

A blueprint is made before printing any book just to clear everything. If any mistake is found, it is corrected, and then the lot is sent for the printing process.

  • Printing –

At this process, the printing is done only in one color then it only needs to pass through once. But if it includes different colors inks, then it may take time. One of the printing is done, and then everything is assembled in one place.

  • Binding –

This is the last stage where the assembled pages are sent for binding. This is where a book is made properly. It gives the face to the book, which was required with the proper size and color.

The book printing factory has to follow all the steps mentioned above or even more than this. These steps are majorly being followed by almost all the factories in the world.

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