Cristina Blackwell: Purpose Of Technology

Technology has vast using benefits and opportunities in the future purposes. Hence, as said by great techniques like Cristina Blackwell there are some proposes of using technologies.

The following purposes are:

  • Keeps a digital record of data
  • Makes something that matters
  • Write and re-write
  • Does research better and quick
  • Quick accessibility
  • To reflect and share
  • To collaborate in real time
  • Ease of access to info which saves time
  • Better education techniques
  • Better Communication resources
  • Ease of mobility
  • Improved banking sector
  • Cost efficiency
  • Invention in several field

Technology uses instruction in education field with the help of computer and its techniques.This is more than a basiccomputer skills and software applications in a separate computer classes. Effective technology must happen across the curriculum in ways that research shows and enhance the teaching and learning process. In particular, it supportsmany key components of learning. Effective technology is also achieved when the use of technology is routine and transparent and when technology supports curriculum goals.

Technologyimproves teaching and learning techniques and processby the new advanced devices, but how the device is used to improve both teaching and learning. The instructional outcome or result is always theobjective. The device is hence an instrument to achieve those objectives. Technology can allow educators, teachers and students a new way to reach previously unreachable outcomes.

Why technology?

  • Addressing diverse learning styles,
  • Accommodating individual learning rates,
  • Encouraging cooperative learning,
  • Helping students accept responsibility for their learning,
  • Providing the means to communicate globally, and
  • Improving academic achievement in all area

Technology offerseducators effective ways to reach different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple medium. It enhances the relationship between teacher and the students. When technology is effective into subject areas, teachers then grow into roles of advisor, content expert, and coach. Technology helps makes teaching and learning more impactful and engaging.

Things we should know about technology in the education and learning field

  • Regardless of the technology, we should know the essential outcome of the lesson
  • How are these technology techniques enhancing the curriculum
  • What will the students do with these tools – during the class
  • Is technology been used in most powerful way?
  • How will the use of this technology improve teaching skills?


Technology is often applied as an add-on existing technique. To maximize its potential benefits educators must need to weave technology in such a way that the tool matches the desired learning and teaching outcomes. This principle is also useful in clarifying whether or not the advance of technology is a good thing?

Later as per survey the answer was found that that technology is neither inherently good nor bad, but it does tends towards evil when it attempts to solve problems, and it also does tends to good when it focuses on solving problems of the materials. Which hence includes things like public sanitation systems, central heating, running water, electrical grids, and the also computer systems and techniques? Technology is in fact a vital that is necessary to our daily life now.

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