How to make a video conference – practical advice? How to choose the best system?

Making meetings online with eztalks meet x is key to being effective in today’s business world – Presentations, meetings with clients and even brainstorming between colleagues who are far away. They are just some of the thousands of actions that can be carried out remotely through this professional platforms. But, do you know exactly how to make a video conference?

Today you will learn some tricks so that these meetings are fluid and with good audio and video quality. In addition, you will also see a few tips to make the most of the options offered by the Eztalks pro video conferencing systems in terms of combining different activities.

Create the account

This is the first step to be able to enjoy the benefits of online meetings. But do you know that you may have 3 to 5 months free to try it and decide if it suits your needs? Well, maximum video conferencing system allows you to use their platform so that you can judge them well according to your need. So you have no excuse. Create an account and start enjoying all the communication services. They will need your name, your email, the name of your company and a phone number. They do not ask for the bank details until you have complete security that you want to continue using the platform.

Check your connection and create group

To make a multiple video conference requires a fast and stable connection to operate with some fluency. Do tests by opening different pages, watching videos (which require a large bandwidth) or downloading content. If you have been able to perform all these previous tasks in an agile way, then your internet speed is ready to be launched for an online meeting.

Choose the people who will participate in the meeting and join them in the same conversation group. In this way, when you click on the camera button (to initiate conversations that combine audio and video) it will apply to all people. You will learn how to make a multiple videoconference in which everyone can see and participate. Managing the meeting agenda well or assigning tasks previously to each member of the group are some of the tricks to make your online meetings as efficient as possible.

Programs to record a video conference

With video conferencing equipment you can make high quality recordings of everything that happens on your computer screen. In addition, the sound it offers is also very good and its interface is simple and intuitive. This alternative is fantastic to record everything that happens on the screen. As well as to capture and save all the content in the format that best suits you. To do this you just have to install the software, define the box you want to burn and click on REC. Then you can edit the video before uploading it to your website. Or share it with your classmates. These are all gift of modern technologies.

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