The process to block StrandHogg and provide protection to an Android app

A trend which is noticeable is that Strand Hogg and their variants have gone on to  become popular over time. It gives an idea on how all of them would be abusing Android functions to be targeting those apps which would be using such functions.

More about Strand Hogg

As things stand Strand Hogg turns out to be an Android vulnerability that you come across in various versions of the platform. It is then bound to use the functionality of Android in an aggressive manner. This may allow a legitimate app to hack a malicious one that would be operational on the same device. Hence it may go on to expose private messages, log in information and phone conversation.

They rely on the use of multiple methods to abuse Android functions and as part of an overlay attack exploit software vulnerabilities. When it is an overlay attack especially the created software would trick the mobile users to interact with malicious content which is concealed by another button.

So that an overlay attack becomes successful, a malicious content need to be non- obvious to an user. This would not be detectable by a malicious detection software. Any methods that the strand Hogg function adopts would be doing that precisely. But there is no need to worry as you can block this software from attacking your android apps

The working

When you consider all the variants of Strand Hogg, on an Android device a malicious app is installed that will be operational at the background. Then it is going to hijack a legitimate app and it is undertaken with the aid of an overlay attack. When you go on to click a normal app or a button a malicious overlay executes itself which is different from what an user would be thinking.

After execution, such a malicious app would be tricking the users to grant permission or hand over sensitive information to an attacker. This would allow an attacker to steal data, opt for multi- factor authentication or shopping modules to develop a fraudulent activity.

Secondly Strand Hogg may go on to impersonate a legitimate app so as to provide permissions on to a malicious app. It replicates a situation where an user would think they would be giving permission on to a regular app. In such cases an user would be taking control over the entire app, record conversations and a lot more.

How strand Hogg would be different from the earlier variants

The current version of Strand Hogg is a version of an overlay software which would be using different outlay methods. For all these reasons it needs to be carried on a single app at a time. It could be exploited against a lot of apps which may take place at scale.

If you feel that you require an idea about any of these features then you may seek out a demo at the earliest. There are numerous platforms offering such type of services.

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