Tips On How To Protect Your Business From Malware Attack And Phishing Scams

Every company of every stature has a hacking vulnerability that can be exploited and misused for a security breach and data theft. The scams that hackers run on the internet to trap companies and users mostly feed on software vulnerabilities and weak passwords. The other preferable ways that hackers use to launchcyber attacks on businesses include phishing attacks and malware attack. Thus, you should have an ever vigilant cybersecurity team that can identify problems in the security system and rectify them while there’s still time. The guide below will take you through all such methods and strategies that are helpful in reducing the threat of hacking and exploitation.

  1. Keep All Devices Neatly Password Protected

To begin with, do not use a default or weak backdoor password. It’s just as risky as a DVR that is not password protected at all. Instead, adopt the following techniques.

  • Generate a different, strong, and unique backdoor password for all internet connected devices
  • Generate a unique – at least 20 characters long – wifi password to make sure that the router remains unhackable
  1. Keep All Devices Clean

A few things that can fester a security system include the following.

  • Bugs
  • Viruses
  • Malware

Thus, you should keep your devices clear of all these vulnerabilities at all times. The best ways to do so are given below.

  • Keep updating every software in your system to remove bugs
  • Keep uninstalling all obsolete files and unkempt softwares to ensure there’s no hidden bug
  • Install antivirus software and run frequent scans on all files, apps, and externally connected devices to keep the system free of virus and malware attack
  1. Educate The Staff

Phishing and spear phishing are the 2 rising threats that allow hackers to gain a secret entry within the security system and steal data and money. Thus, you must use advanced filter tools that can identify phishing websites and emails. Also, educate your staff about the dangers of accessing flagged websites and emails that can be a part of global phishing scams.

  1. Hire Ethical Hackers

Hackers that work towards building a strong security system are ethical hackers. They reduce opportunities for unethical hackers to feed on vulnerabilities. Thus, you should have such white hat hackers working for you so that you can always remain a step ahead of unethical hackers.

Wondering how to hire ethical hackers? Well, you can find them by running bounty programs or by approaching cybersecurity companies like hikvision that work in close association with ethical hackers.

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