What are the important components of a metal detector?

In this article, you came to know about all the things that make it able to do the work that is usually done. For the better working of metal detectors, there are many different things that access the metal detector technology or working. Also, the parts of the metal detector are very lightweight, that makes the detecting device more effective and easy to use. Also, out of all the different types of metal detectors, the most preferable is the one that is easy to handle and can perform its working proper at any place where it uses. Here are some important parts of a metal detector that make it more efficient or preferable.

Stabilizer: This is the part that makes the walk through metal detector stable or steady as the person using it like sweeps or moves it back. By making it stable at a place, it is very easy to detect the metal is there or not.

Control box: to make the control to all the systems like speakers, point sound, or batteries is controlled by the control box only in the metal detector device. Not only this, the control box is the one that only enables the work for the metal detector, which makes it work more effectively.

Shaft: this connects the control box to the coil that permits the people to adjust according to the height for the comfortable level of using. Also, it makes the thing good working for the proper security working that has not any kind of risk issue through any person.

Search coil: it is one of the most important for the working of a metal detector. It is the one that actually makes the good sense of using the detector device at any place. To check for the metal search coil is used from both the sides of the device. It is also considered as a loop, search head, or antenna by some people.

By all the above-mentioned parts of the metal detector, operating the metal detector is too easy or simple. You just need to turn on its power and move it over the area where you doubt the presence of metal. When it passes to the nearby area, then also it can detect the metal by its strong working signals. It is also found that detecting device works on mainly two technologies


  1. Pulse induction

In this system, two different coils are used from both sides for the proper checking of a person. Coils of transmitter or receiver it works with many other coils a time.

  1. Very low frequency

It is the most popular metal detecting technology that makes them safe and secure working on it. For the normal person, it has not any kind of harming device for any of the purposes.


 Thus from the above all content, you came to know the components of metal detector. It includes different parts or technologies for the good work that it does.

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